Post Graduate Courses

Master of Journalism & Mass Communications (MJMC)
MA in Advertising & Mass Communication
PG Diploma in Advertising
MA in Mass Comunication, Advertising & Journalism
PG Diploma in Media Management
PG Diploma in PR & Marketing Communication
PG Diploma in Brand Management
PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
M.Sc in Video Editing & Photography
M.Sc in Film & TV Production
PG Diploma in Documentary Making
PG Diploma in Film & Television
MA in Journalism
MA in Video Editing & Photography
MA in Still Photography
M.SC in Still Photography
MA in Film & TV Production
PG Diploma in Broadcast
PG Diploma in Advertising & Event Planning
PG Diploma in Crop Com Management

Under Graduate Courses

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communications (BJMC)
BA in Advertising & Mass Communication
B.Sc in Still Photography
B.Sc in Film & TV Production
BA in Mass Comunication, Advertising & Journalism
BA in Journalism
BA in Video Editing & Photography
B.Sc in Video Editing & Photography
BA in Still Photography
BA in Film & TV Production

Research Courses


Diploma Courses

Diploma in Advertising
Diploma in Journalism
Diploma in Brand Management
Diploma in Writing for Film & Television
Diploma in Acting/Choreography
Diploma in Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism
Diploma in News Reading & Broadcast Reporting
Certificate in Mass Communication advertising and journalism
Diploma in Web Journalism
Diploma in Mass Comunication & Journlism
Diploma in News Anchoring
Diploma in Editing

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