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The Helix Institute of Management& Technology Pvt. Ltd. was established in 7 July 2007 by Helix Kumar. Helix Institute of Management & Technology is recognized by the National Capital Territory Of Delhi And Haryana And Approved By Ministry Of Higher Education, Government Of India  Organization . We are a Service Organization dedicated to providing state-of-the-art information technology and communications to students, faculty and staff. We are also providing Women Polytechnic. There is all solution in the field of education.

In the 21st century there have been massive developments. Businesses are going global; consumers are more informed and have multiple choices. Internet and ICT have changed the old games of trade and commerce. Thanks to its young population, India is looked up on as the most preferred investment and business destination. HIMT takes pride in leading this skill movement through its various skilled based  programs to cater to some of upcoming and emerging sectors like IT Banking, Organized Retail& Operations, I Tes, Telecom to name a few, all of which have been evolved and embedded to ensure their market acceptability.

A HIMT program is a combination of classroom and face to face model of training with innovative practical sessions to gain skills. Our team students embody a strong culture of passion and team spirit representing a microcosm of  Indian ethos and culture. We believe in blending knowledge with culture in a dynamic community  endeavouring to develop personal and  professional bonds for a life time.

I personally invite you to explore and experience an exciting world of Training programs to enhance  your skills  and employability.

I personally invite you to explore and experience an exciting world of Training  Programs to enhance your skills and employability.

I wish all students a great time in HIMT and a bright future.



Support India to emerge as a knowledge society by identifying and nurturing the inner strength of youth and rural people, so that India can be transformed into a developed nation  by 2020


To encourage young and competent people to opt for social entrepreneurship in training sector and to bridge the skill gap in India by offering skill based training at affordable cost.

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